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An in-town apartment by Clive Rhodes

A Case Study: An In town apartment - one clients journey from domestic disorder to a harmonious home.

The client telephoned with a cri de coeur for help to bring comfort and order to life in her newly acquired apartment. Her top priority was her sitting come dining room where her significant collection of books sat in piles on the floor and in removal van cartons,and where she shared her dinner table with her television and her book-keeping files.

Fortunately the room had ample space and a lofty ceiling so there was clear potential for shelving to house sound and vision systems, books and objets d’art. My cabinet making colleague and I sketched out a bookcase and entertainment centre in breakfront, free standing form. An external angle of the party wall provided space for floor to ceiling built in shelving for books and artefacts and opposite one of the elegant windows we incorporated a writing desk space.

My associate, a specialist decorator painted the cabinets in the colour of the walls so they receded rather than advanced upon the room, though we carried deeper tones of the wall colour in the frieze across the top of the wrap- around shelving for a consistent decorative theme.

With a final flourish, we chose Boussac fabric ‘Templier’ for Roman blinds at the windows, with rich colours of Persian blue and rich terracotta, depicting a disorderly array of books as a reminder of what had once been something of a reality.

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