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Town House Interior Design by Clive Rhodes

Town House Project Of The Year 2023

My client of many years had downsized from an elegant Regency style former rectory with extensive mature gardens. We had decorated that home together twenty years earlier so it was an unremitting joy to work together again, though within the parameters of a smaller home, with no garden.


The new house, again of Regency style and proportions, remodelled as four apartments, ours with three floors, having a drawing room, sound and vision room, kitchen, master bedroom, two guest rooms and study with a roof terrace.

The client's brief indicated a preference for rich and deep colours and allowed for whimsical flourishes, particularly as the drawing and music rooms had dado and panel moulding. A first step was to add dado and chair rails to the guest rooms and throughout the hall, stairs and landings to unify and articulate the space.

We chose firstly wallpapers for the music and drawing rooms to add pattern in the panel moulding framed wall spaces, allowing us to select large scale designs we might not have chosen for all over use.

Emboldened by this successful approach I drew the client's attention to a panoramic wallpaper newly introduced by Cole & Son in their "Gardens" Collection for 2023, the landscape scenic "Reverie" - ideally suited to the ground floor hall, while the riotous co-ordinate "Cascade" would continue the sylvan scenario up the stairs and across the landing. The prospect of a walk through a maintenance free, virtual garden was just too tempting for the client to resist. Equally irresistible was the opportunity to celebrate his Scottish heritage with the use of tartan and plaids in several guises throughout the house.

Enjoy the journey!

With thanks to suppliers:

- Cole & Son wallpapers

- Fenwick & Tilbrook paints

- Mark Copeland painting and papering

- Mary Daw decorative effects

- Wayne Dove furniture making and carpentry

- Colefax & Fowler, Pierre Frey, Zoffany, Ian Sanderson, Casamance, Marvic Textiles and Sandboy Textiles for fabrics and trimmings

- Westex carpets & Flooring, LDP Carpets

- The Lincolnshire Loom for carpet binding

- Rob Smith carpet fitting

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